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Hydraulic Cylinder

    1. Welded Hydraulic CylinderDue to our focus on quality management, our company has obtained ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management System Certification, and our hydraulic products have been widely used in the United States, Canada, Finland, Australia and Germany, etc. If you have need of our products, please feel free to contact us.
    1. Tie Rod Hydraulic CylinderWantong Hydraulic Power Machinery Company is a professional tie rod hydraulic cylinder manufacturer based in China. Since our foundation in 1986, we have dedicated to production and marketing hydraulic power machinery. Now, we can also provide DC hydraulic power units, AC hydraulic power packs, welded cylinders and piston type cylinders, etc. Due to their high technological content
    1. RAM CylinderIn order to ensure the stable performance and reliability of our piston cylinders, we utilize high quality raw materials for making each cylinder component. The following will describe for you in detail. ...

Hydraulic Cylinder

Functions and Applications
A hydraulic cylinder is also called a linear hydraulic motor.
Hydraulic cylinders find applications in various fields, typically in construction machines and road equipment as well as many other heavy duty vehicles, including excavators, cars, trucks, and more.
As a mechanical actuator, a hydraulic cylinder functions to produce a unidirectional force by getting power from pressurized hydraulic fluid.

Composition and Working Principle
The primary parts of a hydraulic cylinder include cylinder barrel, cylinder cap, cylinder head, piston, piston rod, rod gland, and so on.
In a cylinder barrel, a piston is connected to a piston rod. The piston rod comes out of the cylinder through the cylinder head, and the piston divide the barrel into two separate chambers, the cap end and the rod end. Each chamber is connected to an oil hole. When one of the holes is filled with hydraulic fluid, the fluid pressure will push the piston to move, which drives another oil hole to discharge hydraulic fluid and in the meanwhile, drives the piston rod to move back and forth.

A hydraulic cylinder can be divided into several categories, including tie rod cylinders, welded body cylinders, single acting cylinders, double acting cylinders, double acting micro cylinders, telescopic cylinders, piston cylinders, differential cylinders, and rephasing cylinders, to name a few,

At Wantong Hydraulic Power Machinery Company, a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in China, we can provide welded hydraulic cylinders, tie rod hydraulic cylinders, and RAM Cylinders. Other hydraulic power equipment like hydraulic power packs is also available here. In addition to high quality products, we can also produce high quality services. This enables us to take larger and larger market share in America, Germany, Italy, Holland, Japan, and so on.
For any detailed information about us, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to your phone calls, emails, and faxes.

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