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    1. Welded Hydraulic CylinderWelded hydraulic cylinders and tie rod hydraulic cylinders are most frequently used on the market. One of the differences between hydraulic welded cylinder and hydraulic tie rod cylinder is that the former has no tie rods, while the latter has.
    1. Tie Rod Hydraulic CylinderTie rod hydraulic cylinders, or simply tie rod cylinders are designed with threaded steel rods to fix the two end caps to the cylinder barrel, and the steel rods are always durable and feature high strength. Tie rod hydraulic cylinders are commonly used in industrial factories.
    1. RAM CylinderRAM Cylinders are also known as piston type cylinders. They are actuating cylinders in which the cross-sectional area of the piston is less than one half of that of the movable element. RAM Cylinders are the most frequently used type in fluid power systems ...
    1. DC Hydraulic Power UnitA DC hydraulic power unit refers to a hydraulic power pack using direct current as power supply.
      Comparing with a conventional hydraulic station with same function, our DC hydraulic power units have characteristics of compact structure, small size, light weight, high efficiency, no leaking, etc.
    1. AC Hydraulic Power UnitAn AC hydraulic power unit, as its name suggests, employs alternating current as the power supply. The primary components of AC hydraulic power units include electric motors, fuel pumps, hydraulic valves, energy accumulators, and so on.
    1. Dump Truck Hydraulic Power UnitThis is a hydraulic power unit especially designed for dump truck modifications.
      In order to prevent materials from leaking or spilling, a dump truck is usually mounted with a special system. To put it simply, it is to put a cover on the rear cargo-box of dump trucks...
    1. Automotive Lift Hydraulic Power UnitThis is a small AC hydraulic power unit designed for car lifts.
      Our automotive lift hydraulic power unit is an integrated and assembled hydraulic system. It adopts AC power as power supply and is designed with a two-position two-way solenoid check valve.
    1. Small Elevator Hydraulic Power UnitThis hydraulic power unit is especially designed for small elevator, small oil press and small truck applications.
      Our small elevator hydraulic power unit is designed with a two-position two-way solenoid check valve ...
    1. Stacker Hydraulic Power UnitThis hydraulic power unit is designed for hydraulic stackers, and like products as well.
      Our stacker hydraulic power units are classified into manual types and electrical types. Manual types come with AC and DC power packs.
    1. Forklift Hydraulic Power UnitThis is a DC hydraulic power unit designed for electric forklift trucks.
      Our forklift hydraulic power unit is designed with a two-way two-position solenoid check valve to control cylinder operation. Manual control for cylinder operation is also allowable.
    1. Garbage Truck Hydraulic Power UnitWantong Hydraulic Power Machinery Company is a professional China-based garbage truck hydraulic power unit manufacturer and supplier based in China. We have obtained ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification.

Wantong Hydraulic Power Machinery Company is an experienced hydraulic power unit and hydraulic cylinder manufacturer based in China. Our products include DC hydraulic power units, AC hydraulic power packs, welded hydraulic cylinders, tie rod hydraulic cylinders, and RAM Cylinders. Our hydraulic equipment finds wide range of applications in automotive engineering industries, machine tools, medical instruments, construction machinery, and a variety of heavy duty vehicles and equipment.

Our high quality, low priced and environmentally friendly products and complete services enable us to establish cooperative relationship with customers from a wide range of countries like America, Canada, Japan, Australia, and Korea. We welcome international sales agents, wholesalers and vendors to purchase our hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic power packs.