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Welded Hydraulic Cylinder

    1. 500 Series Welded Hydraulic Cylinder The cylinder barrel is a cold drawn internally-honed tube.
      The piston rod and the cylinder end cap are made of chromed C45 steel.
      The piston seals of our welded cylinder is made of PU and designed with nylon backup washer.
      The cylinder head seal is a polyurethane U-cup.
    1. 600 Series Welded Hydraulic CylinderAll our welded hydraulic cylinders are characterized by reliable performance due to our adoption of superior quality raw materials.
      Both the cylinder head and the piston of our welded cylinders are made of high grade ductile iron.
    1. 700 Series Welded Hydraulic Cylinder Both the cylinder head and the piston of our welded body cylinders are made of high grade ductile iron.
      The cylinder barrel is an internally honed, cold drawn tube.
      Both the piston rod and the end caps are made of C1045 steel.
    1. 800 Series Welded Hydraulic Cylinder Wantong Hydraulic Power Machinery Company is an experienced hydraulic welded cylinder in China. We are specialized in design, manufacturing and marketing hydraulic equipment, like AC and DC hydraulic power units, tie rod hydraulic cylinder, and piston cylinder, and more ...

Welded Hydraulic Cylinder

Welded hydraulic cylinders and tie rod hydraulic cylinders are most frequently used on the market. One of the differences between hydraulic welded cylinder and hydraulic tie rod cylinder is that the former has no tie rods, while the latter has.
In a welded hydraulic cylinder, the end caps and the ports are welded to the cylinder barrel respectively. The front rod gland is fixed to the barrel by bolts or threaded into the barrel. This design assists in the removal of the piston rod assembly and the rod seals, thus making hydraulic cylinder convenient for maintenance and service.

In comparison with tie rod hydraulic cylinders, welded body cylinders have a plenty of advantages. For instance, welded hydraulic cylinders are shorter and narrower. This enables it to be fitted better into the tight confines of various machines. Tie rod cylinders usually suffer from failure due to tie rod stretch at high pressure and long strokes, but hydraulic welded cylinders don't, due to its no-tie-rod structure. Additionally, welded hydraulic cylinders are flexible in design and customizable. For example, the design of multistage telescopic cylinders based on a welded body hydraulic cylinder is allowable due to the smooth outer body of a welded cylinder.
Due to aforementioned advantages, welded hydraulic cylinders are taking an increasing share in both national and international mobile hydraulic equipment market. They lend themselves to variety of construction machines and material handling equipment, including excavators, bulldozers, road graders, forklift trucks, and telehandlers, and more. Meanwhile, welded hydraulic cylinders also find applications in heavy equipment like cranes, oil rigs, and so on.

Wantong Hydraulic Power Machinery Company, a welded hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in China, has over 20 years production experience in hydraulic equipment filed. In addition to welded cylinders, we can also provide tie rod cylinders, AC and DC hydraulic power units, etc.
Due to our focus on quality management, our company has obtained ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management System Certification, and our hydraulic products have been widely used in the United States, Canada, Finland, Australia and Germany, etc. If you have need of our products, please feel free to contact us.

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