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Stacker Hydraulic Power Unit

Stacker Hydraulic Power Unit

This hydraulic power unit is designed for hydraulic stackers, and like products as well.
Our stacker hydraulic power units are classified into manual types and electrical types. Manual types come with AC and DC power packs.
The manual type stacker hydraulic power unit is designed with a handle to control the rising and lowering performance. While the electrical type hydraulic power pack is designed with a two-way two-position solenoid check valve to control the lowering performance. Both manual and electrical type power units are manufactured with speed regulation function for their lowering performance.
Hence, our stacker hydraulic power unit is applicable for various hydraulic stackers.

Stacker Hydraulic Power Unit

Specifications of Stacker Hydraulic Power Unit

Voltage (V) Power (KW) Speed (rpm) Displacement (ml/r)
12 1.6 2500 1.6
2, 2.5 2.0
24 1.6 1.6
2.2 2.0
3 2.5
220 2.2 2800 1.6
380 1.5 1.6
2.2 2.0
3.0 2.5

Usage Instructions
1. Before installation, please make sure that there are no any impurities in the oil tank, oil pipe and joints.
2. We recommend using N46 hydraulic oil for our stacker hydraulic power packs. The oil should be filtered by filter screen of at least 300mesh before put into use, and the oil viscosity should be 22-46mm2/s according to ISO 3448 viscosity classification.
3. This stacker hydraulic power unit is not suitable for long term continuous operation. To achieve thermal equilibrium of the electric motor, we have to assure that the ratio between interval time and operation time of the stacker hydraulic power unit is 1:9.
4. Have an oil change after the first 100 working hours of the hydraulic power pack, and then every 300 working hours.
5. This stacker hydraulic power unit is in conformation with Q/320203ABP01-2004.

Founded in 1986, Wantong Hydraulic Power Machinery Company has become one of the leading hydraulic power unit manufacturer and supplier in China. We can produce hydraulic DC power units, hydraulic AC power units, and different types of hydraulic cylinders, as well. All our hydraulic products are of reliable performance, competitive priced and as a result they are sough after in America, Canada, Japan, Korea, and Australia, etc.
We expect to cooperate with our valued customers globally and hope to expand our business to an even larger area. You are very much welcomed to inquiry or purchase our hydraulic power units and hydraulic cylinders. You can contact us by email and phone list on this website.

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