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Garbage Truck Hydraulic Power Unit

Garbage Truck Hydraulic Power Unit

This hydraulic power unit is designed for various garbage trucks, and like vehicles as well.
Our garbage truck hydraulic power unit is manufactured with one or more three-position four-way solenoid check valves to control cylinder operation. Different operation voltages are possible, including 12V, 24V and 48V.
An inbuilt throttling valve is available at the oil return port, which keeps the hydraulic device descending steadily and at a constant speed. This design also provides our hydraulic power pack with good pressure maintaining performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

Garbage Truck Hydraulic Power Unit

Technical Specifications of Garbage Truck Hydraulic Power Unit

1 Rated Pressure (MPa) 20
2 Rated displacement (ml/r) 1.6, 2.0, 2.5, 3.2
3 Operating voltage (V) 12, 24, 48
4 Motor power (KW) 1.5, 2.2, 3
5 Load speed (rpm) 2500
6 Operation condition (%) S1=10
7 Oil tank capacity (L) 1.5-12
8 Mounting type Vertical, horizontal
9 Outlet size SAE6#, SAE8#

Usage Instructions
1. The contamination degree of hydraulic oil shouldn't exceed ISO 4406 18/14. The hydraulic oil should be filtered by a 10-30μm filter before put into use. The oil viscosity should be 22-46mm2/s in accordance with ISO3448 viscosity classification.
2. To achieve thermal equilibrium of the electric motor, we have to assure that the ratio between interval time and operation time of the garbage truck hydraulic power unit is 1:9.
3. This garbage truck hydraulic power unit is in line with Q/320203ABP01-2004 standard.

Wantong Hydraulic Power Machinery Company is a professional China-based garbage truck hydraulic power unit manufacturer and supplier based in China. We have obtained ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification. With advanced production equipment and manufacturing technologies, we are able to produce high quality and competitive priced hydraulic power packs and hydraulic cylinders. We welcome global sales agents and individual purchasers to contact us.

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